Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning In Palatine Illinois

When someone in Palatine Illinois wants carpet cleaning in her house to be done by a professional technician, she may feel a bit confused about the different services offered. For instance, one company may promote steam cleaning as the best option, while another promotes a technique called hot water extraction. In actuality, these are the same cleaning strategy called by different names. It's possible that "steam cleaning" sounds more impressive, but it is the same thing as hot water extraction. The technician is not applying steam to the carpeting, but the hot water does give off some steam during the process. When a homeowner chooses hot water extraction, she should be aware that this type of cleaning is not advisable during humid weather unless she has an excellent dehumidifier to help dry out the carpeting. The carpet should not stay damp for a lengthy time frame, and furniture should not be moved back onto damp carpeting, as that will prevent the fabric from drying. The best weather for hot water extraction carpet cleaning in Palatine Illinois is on a sunny, dry day in which the homeowner can keep windows open throughout the house for breezes. Having the cleaning done early in the morning and allowing the fabric to dry for the entire day is best. During hot water carpet cleaning in Palatine Illinois, the technician uses a machine to send hot water and cleaning substances into the carpeting. The high-pressure stream of water loosens the ground-in dirt, dust and sand while a vacuum in the machine draws it up, along with the water. The longer a homeowner waits to have this service done, the more ground-in grime his carpet is likely to have. Especially if his house has children or adults sitting on the carpet to watch TV or play games, it's best to have the cleaning done every year or two rather than waiting until the fabric is noticeably dirty. Vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis can only remove so much of the dirt, and the stickier, oily substances are likely to be left behind. Sand can be removed relatively easy from carpeting, but clay soil tends to be oily and it clings to the fabric. Homeowners can choose between the professional services offered by companies like of having a truck-mounted unit for the carpet cleaning in Palatine Illinois or a portable unit brought into the house. With the truck-mounted unit, the technician only brings in the wand and the hose. These units tend to be more powerful than the portable models, so a homeowner with substantial cleaning needs will likely want to make that selection. In addition, the added power of the truck-mounted unit means that it extracts the water from the carpet more effectively, allowing the fabric to dry more quickly. Some companies use only hot water extraction without any cleaning chemicals or detergents. Others use a very dilute form of cleaning solution or may use that solution if the carpeting is particularly dirty or contains odors from pets or cigarette smoke. Professional technicians do not want to use a large amount of detergent on carpeting because it can be difficult to extract all the detergent, even with powerful equipment. Detergent residue tends to attract dirt, which is counterproductive. Homeowners who have children or pets spending time on the carpeting will want to find out what type of cleaning chemicals or solutions the technicians use, if any. This is also the case if anyone in the house has allergies or is sensitive to harsh cleaning solutions. Many people simply prefer environmentally friendly cleaning methods and would prefer not to have anything used on the carpet except plain hot water.