5 Reasons To Invest In New Office Chairs When Moving To A New Space

Relocating your business means making the hard decision between packing up and bringing along all your current furnishings or adding another expense by ordering new office furniture. While it's always good to use your current equipment as long as possible to get the most out of your investment, moving to a new office does offer an ideal opportunity for upgrading because it'll save money by reducing moving costs. Consider these other five benefits that come from making a timely purchase.

Upgrade Ergonomics

How comfortable and supportive are your current chairs? Even models that are only a few years old may have a poor design or missing features. Definitely try to make room in your budget for a seating upgrade if your chairs are missing essential ergonomic features like

  • As many adjustment controls as possible, especially for the seat height, arm height, and back rest tilt
  • A seat pan that is not too deep, which is indicated by the backs of the knees touching the edge of the seat
  • Adjustable lumbar support panels, since every person has a different curve to their lower back.

Prevent Moving Mishaps

On top of paying more for your move due to the extra space needed for dozens of chairs, relocating with these soft furnishings is likely to leave some of them damaged or badly stained. Even the most careful and conscientious moving company can't completely prevent accidents that result in chairs no one wants to sit in anymore. While you're likely to be compensated for damaged or stained office chairs by the moving company, making claims and waiting for the payment can leave you without the seating you need to get started in the new office. It's far easier just to have a whole set of seats shipped directly to the new office so you can assemble them and go.

Start New Warranties

Are your office chairs still covered under the original warranty from the manufacturer? If so, it's probably worth it to bring the seats along because when an armrest falls off after all the vibrations and bumping of moving, you won't have to fix it yourself. When you're dealing with furniture that is no longer warrantied or never covered by that kind of protection in the first place, it's likely worth getting new chairs that come with at least a five year repair and replacement plan. Office chairs usually last at least a few years past the warranty length because manufacturers determine the warranty they're willing to offer after testing their products to see how they handle wear and tear.

Inspire Confidence

You may not realize it, but how you furnish your office sends a clear message about the health of your company to your employees. When you ask them to continue using office chairs and other furniture units that are clearly showing their age, the team may start to wonder if there's a cash flow problem interrupting the usual replacement cycle. This is also true when you're running a business in which customers come into your office areas. Even the cleanest five-year-old office chair looks noticeably older and worn in a shiny new office, so make sure your furniture is sending the right message to everyone who sees it.

Save on Taxes

Don't forget that investing in crucial business equipment, which includes office chairs, allows you to deduct those expenses from your taxes. You can choose to either take the full deduction the same year you make the purchase, or you can use the depreciation method and get a smaller tax cut for a longer period of time. Either way, you'll spend less on your taxes while everyone enjoys a comfortable new place to sit.

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