Buy These Packing Supplies In Bulk When You Sell Products Online

Whether you run a home-based business that sells products over the Internet or you keep busy selling things online as a hobby, you'll spend a considerable amount of time carefully packing up the products and taking them to the nearest post office. Where you don't want to spend your time, however, is running back and forth between home and your local office supply retailer to buy packing supplies on an as-needed basis. It's a better strategy to find a business that can sell you bulk products to suit your needs, and then simply make orders from the company when needed. Here are some useful packing supplies to buy in bulk that will help keep your products safe during transit.

Custom-Sized Boxes

One of the advantages of partnering with a packing supply retailer is that you'll be able to get boxes that specifically suit the size of what you're shipping. This is advantageous for multiple reasons. For starters, it adds professionalism to your business ā€” it can look amateurish to send a small item in a box that is clearly too large. Additionally, custom boxes can save you money. When you ship in a box that is too large, you'll waste packaging supplies such as foam peanuts, and you'll also likely pay more for postage because of the increased box size.

Box Dividers

If you frequently sell multiple items at the same time, it's worthwhile to buy box dividers in bulk. These grid-shaped pieces of cardboard are available in different sizes to fit different sizes of boxes, and can help to keep your items orderly and protected. When you sell things as a business, you can't risk the negative online feedback on your seller account because the items arrived broken. Investing in box dividers to provide an extra layer of protection is a simple way to lessen this risk.

Custom Labels

Many packing supply retailers also sell custom labels, which are ideal as a way to add credibility to your business. Additionally, the availability of labels will save you time during the packing process, which is especially useful during periods that you're sending out multiple packages at one time. Instead of having to continuously write your return address, you can simply slap on a sticker. You might also wish to buy stickers with your logo and "Fragile," as these will ideally help to minimize the risk of damage while the item is being shipped, while also showing your customers that protecting their goods is a priority.