Buying A Copier For Your Small Business? Here Are A Few Tips

From finding the ideal commercial space to recruiting and hiring an amazing staff, when it comes to owning a small business, there are endless decisions that need your attention. When it comes to purchasing the essentials for your office, chances are you aren't giving too much thought about which copier is best for your operation. Choosing the right copier with the ideal features is critical because it will save you time and money -- both of which are precious commodities to small business owners. Here are a few tips to help ensure you purchase the right copier for your business and needs:

Know Your Copiers

Before you set foot in your local big box electronics store, it is vital to learn about the different types of copiers available. Here are some of the most popular copiers to consider:

  • Analog – A more out-of-date technology, an analog printer is rarely utilized by small business owners because of the unit's several moving parts and, in many cases, lack of technical support. However, if you are short on cash and need a less expensive, basic model, purchasing a used analog printer is an option.
  • Digital – Digital copiers are the latest model, and because they are easier to use and repair, often they are a better choice if you're looking to make a long-term investment. These copiers have several advanced features, and as the technology matures, digital models are becoming less expensive. These copiers can also handle more paper and are much faster than an analog model.
  • Monochrome – If you're looking to simply print in black and white for business purposes, a monochromatic, or "mono," copier is a great option because the models are often cost-effective.
  • Color – A color printer is the best option if you're looking to print off promotional material or need to make a statement. These copiers feature anywhere from two to four or more cartridges and typically utilize four colors to create a photocopy: cyan, yellow, magenta or black.

Key Features to Look For

Many modern copiers are multi-functional, which is ideal for a small business owner. If you're short on space or simply want to get the most product for your money, purchasing a multi-functional unit is a great option. While shopping around, here are a few key features to look for:

  • Hard Drive – Many models of copiers feature a hard drive, which allows you to store any financial documents or other important papers that have been copied in the machine. The hard drive acts as a great back up, in the event your hard copies are compromised.
  • Wireless Capabilities – If you are a small business owner who is working from home or in a commercial space, a wireless copier is a smart buy. A wireless model is easier to conceal, and because it's hooked up to your Wi-Fi, you can set up different accounts for each employee.
  • Scanning and Fax Capabilities – Two of the most popular and business-friendly options, a copier with scanning and faxing capabilities allows you to save both space and money.

Shopping Around for Your Copier

Once you've chosen the ideal copier for your business, budget and needs, it's time to begin shopping. Begin by reading the reviews online, and choosing a model with a sterling reputation. While comparing prices at your local electronics stores, don't forget to consider an online or local dealer.

Finally, if you're short on cash, leasing a copy machine is a great option. According to Ed Worthington, a contributor with LinkedIn, there are several advantages to leasing a copier. For example, leasing is less expensive and allows you to upgrade to a newer, faster model more often.

From learning about the different types of copiers available to deciding whether it's more cost effective to lease or buy a unit, there are several points to consider when purchasing a copier for your small business. For more information, contact a company like Lafayette Business Machines Inc.