Looking To Rent An Air Compressor For A Home Project? Here Are Important Factors To Consider When Selecting A Rental Company

An air compressor can be an invaluable tool when completing home renovation projects. Many tools, such as sanders, nail guns, impact wrenches and reversible drills, can all be powered with an air compressor. However, while a valuable tool, purchasing a new air compressor can be costly. And if you won't use it after your home renovation project is complete, you may be considering renting one instead of buying it. If you have never rented an air compressor, you may not be sure what factors to look for when selecting a rental company. Obviously, having the type of compressor you need at a fair price is important. But there are other factors that are equally as important that are often overlooked. Here are a few of those factors.

How the Air Compressor Finds Its Way to Your Home

There are two different types of air compressors. There are portable air compressors and towable air compressors. A portable air compressor can be lifted and hauled away in the back of a pickup truck. A towable air compressor is larger and is typically mounted on its own trailer, which can be used to haul the compressor to the work site. When you are looking for air compressor rentals, you should ask the rental company how the air compressor is going to make its way to your home, especially if you don't have a truck that can haul a portable compressor or that you can tow an air compressor with. Some companies do offer drop-off and pick-up services for their rental equipment. And if you are looking for a company that offers pick-up and drop-off services, always ask how much that service costs and if it is included in the quote you received.

If They Require Rental Insurance and How Much They Charge For It

It is very common for heavy duty equipment rental companies to require you to purchase a rental insurance policy before you take possession of the rented item. This helps to protect the business in case the item is damaged through no fault of your own. This may include it being stolen or vandalized or being damaged by mother nature. If any of these events should happen, the business may be out the cost of the machine that they have and the amount of money they generate renting it out. The insurance helps to ensure they don't come after you and that they can recoup the money they are losing. When you are looking to rent an air compressor, always ask if the company requires rental insurance and how much they charge for this insurance. You may find that it varies from company to company, but can be an extra add-on that you may not have been expecting.

Who is Responsible for Preventative Maintenance

When you rent items, you generally think that the rental company is going to be responsible for preventative maintenance. However, an air compressor is a little bit different. It has needs that should be met daily when it is used. After each use, the unit needs to be inspected for air leaks, cracked belts and for oil leaks. The water needs to be drained from the tank and the pump oil needs to be topped off, if needed. Generally, these are things the renter is responsible for doing. The renter is also generally responsible for inspecting and cleaning or replacing the air filter on a weekly basis. However, after this, you may see some difference among companies. Some companies may perform any maintenance above this point, while others may require you to properly maintain the air compressor for as long as you have it. If the compressor needs repairs, it is up to you to inform the rental company, and they will perform those repairs. Always ask a company you are thinking of renting an air compressor through who is responsible for preventative maintenance and what specific tasks they require you to do.

There are many different companies that offer air compressor rentals, such as Summit Tool Rentals Division Of Wirtz Rentals. However, taking the time to find a company that offers the compressor that best meets your needs and comparing price quotes is a great place to start when looking for a rental company. However, in addition to this, you should also consider whether they deliver the air compressor to you, if they require you to obtain rental insurance, and how much maintenance they expect you to perform while the machine is in your possession.