Tips for Remodeling the Interior and Exterior of a House

Are you coming up with a plan to remodel the interior and exterior of your house? Unless you are only making minor changes, it is likely that you will need some construction equipment for the project. There are other things that you will need to have available during the remodeling process as well. Keep in mind that many of the things that you will need for the remodeling project can likely be rented, which will save you some money. The suggestions in this article will help you come up with a good plan that will make your project move along more smoothly.

Dry Concrete With a Tote Heater 

If you intend on laying down fresh concrete on the interior or exterior of your house, a tote heater will be handy to have around because it will help the concrete dry faster than it normally would. You don't want to wait long for concrete to dry, as it can lead to the remodeling process taking longer than it has to. The thermal transfer rate of the tote heater will be higher if a jacket is used. You will basically place a jacket over the heater to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed over the concrete.

Consider Renting a Dumpster for Debris Removal

Keep in mind that, as the remodeling project moves along, you will be left with a large amount of debris. You will be able to place some of the debris in your residential dumpster, but there might not be enough space for all of it to fit. You will end up having to put some of the debris by the curb, which can possibly result in you getting fined, especially if a big trash day isn't coming up anytime soon. If you don't like the idea of having to deal with such a problem, simply rent a large dumpster for the project. The dumpster can actually be delivered to your house for your convenience.

Get Rid of Concrete With a Jackhammer

If part of the remodeling that is being done on the exterior of your house involves getting rid of an old concrete patio, you can rent a jackhammer for the task. A jackhammer will chip away at the concrete until it is no longer a solid pavement. Make sure that you purchase goggles to use during the process of removal concrete with a jackhammer. You might also want to wear gloves, as the jackhammer will vibrate in your hands a lot while you are using it.