Is Your Company Interested In Using The Latest Advances In Place-Based Media? 3 Things To Do As You Work With An Advertising Age

Your company's advertising plans must change to reflect how consumers interact with technology today. While in home advertising, such as television ads, still work great for certain purposes, your marketing plan can be made more effective by exploring other options. Out of home place-based media advertising meets your consumers where they are at in the world and makes them more receptive to hearing your company's message. Now that you are ready to explore this option, you can use these tips to work with an agency to develop the perfect campaign.

Define Your Goals

Place-based media advertisements work best when they are designed to achieve a very specific goal. Think about what your company is trying to accomplish. Are you trying to drive sales and profits? Or are you trying to increase brand awareness? Perhaps you want to cultivate a more positive view of the company after a recent stream of negative press. When you first meet with the agency, being able to define your primary goal for the advertising campaign helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Know Your Audience

One of the neatest things about out of home place-based media is that you meet the customers where they are already thinking along the lines of the goods and services that your company provides. For instance, placing an ad in a gym for fitness products is more likely to be effective than an ad run on late night television to a general audience. You can also catch people when they are bored and looking for something interesting. A parent sitting in the pediatrician's waiting room is more likely to pay attention to an ad for educational children's toys or other kid-friendly products.

Be Willing to Get Creative

New technology means that your company has innovative ways to get their message across to consumers. Talk to your out of home place-based media advertising agency about creative ways to make your ads stand out. For instance, your ad can invite viewers to interact with it through a touch screen. You can also tap into the area where you place the ad. For example, it is more likely to be viewed if it also provides useful information to people passing by, such as the time and temperature at the top of the ad in an outdoor environment.

Your company can look forward to making this year one of the best ever by trying new forms of advertising that help to drive the campaign. By looking outside of your consumer's homes, you can develop relevant ads that get them interested in trying your company's products and services.