Is Your Adult Daughter Old Enough To Get Her Concealed Carry License? 3 Tips To Help Her Prepare For Her Classes

You've helped your daughter as she progressed through every life stage. Now, you are ready to help her learn one more essential way of practicing self-defense if she ever gets caught in a life or death situation. Naturally, your daughter should already be comfortable with the idea of taking concealed carry classes, and you can use these tips to help her prepare now that she's reached the correct age to be eligible for licensing.

Cover the Classroom Rules

Most concealed carry license classes have a few rules in place that help to ensure that every student meets state and federal requirements and ensures the safety of everyone at the facility. Start by going over any requirements regarding the handgun that your daughter is planning to use for the course. For instance, she may be required to use a specific caliber of handgun. 

The majority of instructors also ask students to leave their handguns in the car during the classroom portion of the course. They will then be instructed when to get them before they go to the shooting range for their proficiency training or testing. Following the rules helps your daughter to begin the process of understanding the seriousness of holding a concealed carry license while also making sure that she gets the most out of the class.

Find a Preferred Carry Style and Plan for Home Storage

There are multiple options for carrying a concealed weapon, and everyone has their own preferences. Help your daughter explore the different options, and encourage her to try on a few to find what she likes. Whether she likes a shoulder holster or one that fits in her waistband, she needs to feel comfortable enough to use it in an emergency. At home, your daughter will also need to know where she wants to store her gun. This gives her a talking point when they cover gun safety in the licensing class. For instance, she should be able to say that it is stored in a locked cabinet that is designed for gun storage.

Practice Shooting Her Handgun

In most concealed carry classes, there will be a shooting proficiency test at the end of the training session. Your daughter needs to be comfortable enough with her handgun to be able to hit the target despite any nervousness that she may feel. Take her to the shooting range a few times to make sure she feels good about her ability to hit a target. She should also know how to load and disarm her handgun so that she can demonstrate total mastery of the concepts that are covered in her class.

For more information, contact a company that offers concealed carry classes.