3 Ways To Reduce Your Business' Garbage Removal Costs

Garbage removal is a necessary expense for every business, but it doesn't need to be a large portion of the bottom line. If you run a business, use these three tactics to reduce your garbage removal costs. 

1. Recycle as Much as Possible

The amount of garbage that a business produces has a direct impact on how much is charged for garbage removal, and reducing your business' garbage could significantly reduce what you pay. 

One of the best ways to reduce how much garbage your business has to throw away is by recycling as much as possible. Every item that's recycled is something that you don't have to pay a garbage removal service to dispose of in the landfill, not to mention the recycling has benefits for the environment as well. 

While exact recycling regulations vary from one place to the next, most places will recycle all cardboard and many plastics. Check with your local recycling center to see what plastics they accept.

If your local recycling center only takes a limited number of plastics, you can contact a regional center to see if they'll accept other plastics that your local one doesn't. 

2. Scheduling Biweekly Garbage Pickup

Rather than having your business's garbage picked up each week, see if you can schedule pickups for every two weeks. This may not save your business any money if a truck already passes by once a week to service other customers. 

If a truck drives out specifically to pick up garbage from your business and you're charged a per-trip fee, though, you could save reduce how often you pay this fee by half.

3. Hire a Garbage Removal Service Company

If your business isn't already using a garbage removal service to dispose of trash, hiring one will likely reduce what you spend on getting rid of trash. If an employee is driving trash to a disposal location, such as a dump, you have to pay the employee's time and mileage every time they do this. 

You'll still have to pay a garbage removal service, but they'll be able to take garbage away more efficiently and charge you less than what you'd pay an employee. Since they have larger trucks, they can reduce the transportation costs of taking garbage to the dump. Their employees might also earn less than your workers do, depending on what you pay your employees.

In some cases, garbage service companies can also get lower rates at dumps because they bring so much to a dump each day.