5 Reasons To Switch To VoIP For Your Business

Are you still using a traditional phone line in your office? Not only is this costing you a lot of money, but you are missing out on many features that a VoIP phone system could offer you. Here are some reasons to switch to a voice over IP phone system.

Auto Attendants

Do you need help routing customers when they call your phone number? Rather than hire someone to answer phones, you can use an auto attendant to do the work for you. This gives the customer a series of options so that they can be directed to the right person in the right department, which will automate the entire phone answering process for you.

Unlimited Lines

Do you feel a bit restricted right now because you are running out of open phone lines for incoming and outgoing calls? That is because a traditional phone line limits how many active calls you can have at one time. If you want to conference multiple people into a phone call, you'll likely need multiple open lines running to your business. This is not the case with VoIP, since if you have a phone that is free, you have an open line

Phone Number Masking

One of the wonderful features of VoIP phone systems is phone number masking. This allows all outbound calls to appear as if they are coming from your main telephone number. If someone calls back the number that shows up on their caller ID, they will not get a direct extension from the previous person that called them. Instead, they'll get the main number, where they can go through the auto attendant system to help screen calls. 

Call Queues

With a traditional phone system, you need multiple phone lines so that calls can roll over if you are receiving multiple calls at once. This can be simplified with VoIP by having a call queue. This is when the next customer is notified about how many calls are ahead of them, or the system could offer an estimate on how long it will be to speak with somebody. This can help give callers realistic expectations when your call volume is heavy, and you can avoid having customers hang up because they don't know how long the wait is. 

Call Recording

Do you want to record calls to have a record of what was said with customers? It is possible to record all of your calls to the cloud so that they can be played back at a later date if necessary. This helps to verify what was told to customers on the phone where there is typically not a record, or you can use this information to perform some quality control over how your employees work with customers.