Keeping Your Fire Extinguishers Operating And Ready With Regular Maintenance And Inspections

Every commercial building is required by law to have portable fire extinguishers accessible in case a fire starts inside the structure. The maintenance of the extinguishers is critical, and working with a fire extinguisher service is an excellent way to ensure they will be ready and working when you need one.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Every fire extinguisher in your building needs regular inspections, and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code recommends checking each extinguisher monthly. The monthly fire extinguisher inspection should include checking the pressure gauge on the unit to ensure that it is correctly pressurized and inspecting the extinguisher for leaks or damage to the head, the pressure gauge, or the cylinder. 

The seal on the pin should also be intact to show that the fire extinguisher has not been used since it was last charged. If the seal is broken, the unit needs to be serviced and replaced with another extinguisher ready for use. The fire extinguisher inspection tag should also be intact and current, showing when the unit was serviced and when it is due to be looked at again. 

In most cases, the fire extinguisher will be in good shape, charged, and ready to be used. The inspector checking the units will record that the extinguisher is in good condition and update the tag to show the fire extinguisher inspection date and who did it. 

Fire Extinguisher Services

Large companies may benefit from working with a fire extinguisher service to provide units for their property and handle the fire extinguisher inspection for them. These services come to your property and check the fire extinguishers on a set schedule, replace any that require service, and provide you with a report. 

If you or an employee use an extinguisher on a fire, the service company will come and pick the unit up, replace it with a new one, then take the used one back to the shop to clean, inspect and recharge so that it can be returned to service. This rotation and replacement system ensures that you always have working extinguishers in the building and ready if you need one. 

In most cases, the service you are using will provide the extinguishers, and since you do not own them, you don't have to worry about replacement costs or finding the correct type of extinguishers for your needs. The service handles all the maintenance, inspections, and replacement of units for you, so you pay one fee each month, and they make sure you have the fire protection tools you need in your building.

Reach out to a professional who provides fire extinguisher inspections to learn more.