2 Reasons Why Installing A Propane Tank Can Save Your Business Money

There's no doubt that fuel is a critical component for any business. Whether a company uses electricity, natural gas, or petroleum, they rely on these fuels to facilitate the completion of daily business activities. One thing that is often overlooked by many businesses is the possibility of optimizing their fuel expenses. As one would expect from something that is critical to business operations, fuel-related expenses have a significant impact on a business's bottom line. For that reason, companies should be on a constant lookout for new and innovative fueling solutions.

One such solution that has recently seen an increase in adoption is propane. Purchasing a propane tank for your business can produce significant savings that allow you to redirect those funds towards expanding your business' potential. In particular, here are two reasons why installing a propane tank can save your business money.

Propane is Cheaper Than Gasoline and Diesel

Gasoline and diesel are two very common sources of fuel used by businesses worldwide. These fuel sources are especially common in businesses that are vehicle-dependent. While purchasing a propane tank may require a reasonably large investment of $400 - $2,000, you can make up for this upfront loss due to the energy efficiency of propane. Propane costs 30 - 50% less per gallon than gasoline and diesel.

After switching to propane, a business will recoup the costs of the initial investment. The business will then experience increased cash flow due to the reduced fuel costs of propane. The more reliant you were on gasoline, the more quickly these costs will be recuperated after switching to propane.

Propane Use May Qualify You For Tax Incentives

Another opportunity that is often overlooked by businesses is the possibility of taking advantage of tax incentives. Fuel tax incentives are a way the government encourages the development and adoption of fuels that offer a meaningful benefit to society. A critical concern of modern fueling is the impact that it has on the environment. Unfortunately, diesel and gasoline have devastating impacts on the environment. On the other hand, propane has numerous environmental, performance, and cost-saving advantages. These advantages have made propane fueling a target of government tax incentives such as alternative fuel credits. Taking advantage of these tax incentives opens up an additional avenue for businesses to reduce costs.


While gasoline, diesel, and natural gas may be popular fueling choices for businesses worldwide, propane offers many enticing advantages and incentives to business owners. If you'd like to get started with propane, contact a propane tank dealer today! Reach out to a local service, such as http://www.southallgas.com, to learn more.