5 Reasons To Use Custom Imprinted Calendars For Brand Promotion

Even though most people look at their smartphones for date and time, a well-designed calendar will still catch visual attention. You can use whatever graphics you want on custom wall imprinted calendars, including your products and brand elements like logos and trademarks. Custom calendars are perfect giveaways when doing brand promotion. Your clients will have your brand in mind every time they look at the wall. You will benefit from high visibility for the whole year. There are several benefits of using custom wall calendars to promote your brand:

1. Continued Exposure 

You will be able to benefit from continued exposure for your brand throughout the year. You can choose to do any of the following: your brand name and logo on the front cover, the details of your products and services on the inside pages, a message about your products and services, an advertisement for your product, or a discount coupon that is valid for a limited time only .

2. Practical and Useful Gift   

People love receiving gifts, especially if they are useful. When you buy custom calendars, they can be used as an office desk calendar, home wall calendar, or even a kitchen reminder. They are very practical gifts that people will appreciate. Custom imprinted calendars will be a great addition to your brand promotion campaign. 

3. Simple and Affordable   

You can easily get your brand name or logo imprinted on custom calendars. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get your brand noticed. A good designer can easily make beautiful custom imprinted wall calendars from various graphics.

Since it only involves simple prints, this brand promotion strategy is very affordable compared to other marketing strategies. For example, unlike digital marketing tactics that you have to keep refining, calendars are install-and-forget but offer high visibility. 

4. Variety of Options   

You can choose various types of custom wall calendars: monthly calendar, weekly calendar, daily planner, or mini calendar. Depending on your budget, you can also use different papers including uncoated,  matte-coated, or gloss paper. 

5. Create Customer Goodwill   

Giving out custom imprinted calendars will create goodwill among your clients and prospects. It will create brand familiarity since your brand has continued exposure. It also creates customer loyalty. Your customer will feel the need to reciprocate by choosing your product the next time they go shopping. 

Are you looking for an inexpensive brand promotion technique? Consider using custom wall imprinted calendars to give your brand heightened brand visibility. 

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