Conceal Foul Toilet Odors

If you, your spouse, and your teenage children all share the same bathroom, you may have encountered situations in which the scent wafting out from the bathroom was unpleasant. Foul toilet odors can turn a bathroom experience into one that is offensive to the next person who will need to use the facilities. Toilet drops will help keep the toilet freshly scented.

Learn About Toilet Drops

Toilet drops are formulated to block odors. Herbal oils, alcohol, and distilled water are typically blended during the manufacturing process. When the product is sprayed across the water in a toilet bowl, a light froth will form. This foamy barrier will visibly indicate to an individual that the surface water is adequately protected from offensive scents.

After administering a few drops, an individual can conduct their toilet break as normal. Once a bathroom occupant has finished taking care of their business, they can flush the toilet and will be able to enjoy the fresh scent of the herbal blend. This scent will continue to linger for a while. Unlike some air fresheners and other scented products, toilet drops won't mask foul odors, but will effectively prevent them from becoming evident in the first place.

Use A Light-Hearted Approach

Toilet drops can be given as a 'gag' gift that will also double as a real gift with value. If you, your spouse, and your teens enjoy family nights together and there are often some surprises tied into each evening, consider purchasing a multi-pack of toilet drops that each contain their own unique scents. The drops can become part of a raffle that you and your family members are going to enjoy. Hand the bottles out randomly with other items that you have planned to surprise your family with.

Use A Traditional Approach

If you would like to use a more traditional approach when introducing the drops to your family, simply set a bottle of drops on the back of the toilet. First, shop for drops that contain an herbal blend that is reminiscent of a light feminine or masculine scent. Next, purchase the drops and experience firsthand how they work.

Upon testing out the drops, you are ready to reveal them to your family. The bottle itself will be pretty self-explanatory and will direct each of your family members in using the product. If you notice that offensive odors are no longer an issue and the product seems to be used by everyone on a consistent basis, purchase some additional bottles of drops as needed.

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