Buying A Copier For Your Small Business? Here Are A Few Tips

From finding the ideal commercial space to recruiting and hiring an amazing staff, when it comes to owning a small business, there are endless decisions that need your attention. When it comes to purchasing the essentials for your office, chances are you aren't giving too much thought about which copier is best for your operation. Choosing the right copier with the ideal features is critical because it will save you time and money -- both of which are precious commodities to small business owners. [Read More]

Address Your Commercial Roofing Hail Damage In Three Easy Steps

Summer can be a tough season for roofing materials. Not only does your roof have to endure days of record breaking heat, but during summer storms, it may also be exposed to high winds, driving rains, and damaging hail. Because of many commercial roofing designs, it can be slightly more difficult to discern roofing damage to a commercial roofing materials than it is to residential. But unfortunately, if this damage is not quickly addressed it can affect your business that is located underneath. [Read More]

Seeking A Change After Spending Your Entire Career With One Employer? What Resume Guidelines Should You Keep In Mind?

If you've been at a single employer since graduating from college or business school, you may have formed friendships and relationships over the years that you can't imagine leaving behind. Unfortunately, for many fields, particularly at the highest levels, the best -- and sometimes only -- way to move up or increase one's salary is to switch employers. If you've found that your career or income has become stagnant at your current place of employment, you may finally be ready to make a major change, but unsure where to begin. [Read More]

5 Reasons To Invest In New Office Chairs When Moving To A New Space

Relocating your business means making the hard decision between packing up and bringing along all your current furnishings or adding another expense by ordering new office furniture. While it's always good to use your current equipment as long as possible to get the most out of your investment, moving to a new office does offer an ideal opportunity for upgrading because it'll save money by reducing moving costs. Consider these other five benefits that come from making a timely purchase. [Read More]