How The Eight And Eighty System Works: Advice For Hospital Managers

According to federal law, American employers must adhere to strict regulations about how they pay overtime to workers. The Fair Labor Standards Act covers most employees in the United States, including people who work in hospitals and other healthcare businesses. Find out how the FLSA applies to overtime payments for your workers, and learn more about the eight and eighty overtime system that hospitals can use. Paying overtime – what the law says [Read More]

5 Ways Managed Print Services Help You Achieve Lean Business Goals

Lean business is a productivity model that was first developed for use in the manufacturing industries, but almost any kind of company can benefit from sticking to its principles. Making an office lean and effective requires outsourcing at least some of the more complicated and repetitive tasks that bog down the daily routine. Switching to managed print services like Des Plaines Office Equipment Company can help you implement this business method in five distinct ways. [Read More]

5 Tips for Moving in Together

Moving in together is a huge step in a committed relationship. It signals that you are both heavily invested in the relationship and wish to combine your lives in a more intimate way. Moving in together can also have financial advantages since you can now share the rent or mortgage plus other living expenses with your significant other. Moving in is not without its challenges though, and can be quite an adjustment. [Read More]

Save Money On An Office Move With These Five Essential Tips

A corporate move is a massive endeavor, and it can be expensive. Luckily, there are ways to save money through the process. Here are five tips to help you streamline your corporate move in ways that save time and money: 1. Eliminate downtime and move on the weekend Perhaps the most expensive part of a corporate move is the potential downtime. If you have to shut down your business for several days while you move, it ultimately costs you money, and in some cases, it could even lose you clients. [Read More]